Each One Teach One


Membership in the DMRAPCTN is open to any law abiding American citizen, 21 years or older, who can legally possess a firearm. 

Why become a member?

1. To fellowship and network with others interested in firearms, shooting sports and armed self defense. 


2. Increase your confidence and skill with firearms in the most cost-effective manner. 

How to become a member:

1. Member candidates must attend at least 2 (two) Club events and 1 (one) Club meeting. Check the schedule for Club events and meetings.


2. Get a Club application and fill it out. Applications will be available at Club meetings or can be downloaded here.

3. Mail the completed application and processing fee to:


   1784 W Northfield Blvd #326

    Murfreesboro, TN 37129

or scan the application and email it to: info@DMRAPCTN.org


4. The Membership Committee meets once a month, you will be notified within a week of the monthly meeting. 


Individual: $300 per year/$25 per month*

Family: $480 per year/$40 per month*

*Monthly dues must be paid electronically